Hello Guys,
Today i'm going to show you my Glowy and Bronze Make-Up.
I create that look everytime i do my makeup :)


First I put on a moisturising cream. It's important to take care of your face before you put on your makeup!
I let it sit a bit and start to put on my foundation and concealer.
I really don't like the feeling of foundation so i put on concealer and my foundation together! I dab it in with the orange sponge from RealTechnics (it's really the best!)
After that i make everything smoother with a fluffy foundation brush.
I use a transparent powder to bake my face.

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Eyebrows and Eyeshadow

First i put on concealer and then an eyeshadow base on my eyes. I set everything with powder to make it last longer.
I use colors like Purple redish colors or bronzer colors for my crease. Then i make it darker in the outer corner with a darker purple or brown. in the middle i like to use highlighter or glitter eyeshadows. For under my eyebrows and in the inner corner too. I use the same color i used for my outer corner for under my eyes. (confusing i know)
I usually fill up my eyebrows with a eyebrow powder or pomade then i set everything with an eyebrow gel.

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I use the nyx conturing powder palette and contour my face. After that i also put on some bronzer a little bit over the contour and then a glowy mac blush. (It's the mac mineralize skinfinish blush)
Then i remove the baking powder with a fluffy brush.

highlight, highlighter, and make up image Image by S A N A A

Setting and Highlight and stuff

I set my whole face with a setting spray. I really like to use rose water. Then i highlight my face with the sleek palette. And after that i put on two layers of mascara. The first layer is a volume mascara and the second one a waterproof one.

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I usually put on a lipliner and lipbalm.

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I hope you liked it! Love A♥