(I know my english isn´t the best but I´ll try my best)

Everyone has those bad days. When you don´t know what to do with yourself and you just lay in your bed and listen to bad music. I got this feeling pretty often and I don´t know what to do in this situation.
But I came up with some stereotype ideas that helped me and help you.

1. Listen to music
Listen to the music which makes you feel better, not this one which you´re listening 24/7 to. Something new is good. Or maybe something you´ve been listening 2 years ago.

2. Talk to someone
I know this may sound stupid, but talking about your problems can help in so many ways. My best friend told me to talk to my mum and I didn´t want to. But I did it and it helped. She knew what to do and gave me a hug.
If you want to tell it your friend then be careful, that he/she is not a fake friend. I did this experience and my "friend" did not take it serious. She thought I was overacting.
If you don´t want to tell it someone then...

3. Write it down
Write all your feelings, emotions, ideas, thoughts and what ever comes to your mind in a diary or notebook. It´ll help you more than talking to someone (in my opinion).
You can also draw something.
Just be creative and the words will come (hope so)

4. Put your phone away
Put it in the trash... no don´t this (except you want a fight with your parents). Just turn the wifi off and put it away. Concentrate yourself on the things that really matters and don´t think "Has he answered yet?". I know this is not easy as I can write it but you need to be consequent.

I hope that I could help you a bit.