İn general they say that the days pass as quickly as they translate a book page;

So why did my days stay connected to you?

As if you were a hanger, they hung me to you like a hat that flies in the wind every day, and you could not see me because of the pants on the top. this hat was a little damp, a little outdated and looks like a nineteen years old , you should have seen me, but unfortunately you are always blind like people who do not see the sign in front of you. Maybe you does not want to see me , you do not need a hat to hide, you are living with your own hood.I was willing to have a place on of your head. After all, you had a sake , you had to create a place on of my heart.

Isn't it funny want to be a crown?

And that day,
The war actually began,
The day is like a bottle of wine was poured on a white paper.
The sun was born as if it had made me a relative in color, and unfortunately I was hopelessly unaware of this last born sun.
there were things I could never do in life; In a language I do not know, I did to find myself in an ugly competition. This is the last time I felt all my emotions. like normal people, and I did not want to be buried in bed every day when I was lifting a pillow. I miss this feelings , believe me I miss like a pig. I miss everything that does not belong to you. I miss everything except the feelings I feel for you like a pig. and even if I had to exaggerate, I would i have come to that day and wish my life to be like a plaque. and stop. Oh, come on, but I was 11 years old. If the average life span of people is considered, I guess it was like dying at birth. Yes, it's like a literally dying while was born.

When i was a child; What is beauty? Who is called beautiful? What is done to be beautiful? I did not know. Even the neighbors who lived in Germany when I was nine years old and came here in the summer months likened me to German girls. When I asked why, they showed me my long blonde blond hair and said, "Because they are blond and pretty, little lady like you." They did to say. I was getting happy. Because I only knew that beauty is a good thing. Detail did not matter to me. I was paying attention to all the beauty instead of the piece like the literary writers noticing. I will mention it later, but what I want to tell you now is ...

I grew up ... Unfortunately I learned the beauty concept of people very painfully. Is not it a painful word?


If you need to generalize, it is not a bad concept for everyone to grow up. Maybe you do not know the meaning of it,

but I want you to know that our life is not fair.

I am a good student and you are the opposite. but unfortunately how bad it was that everything was between your two lips.
In fact, everything was able to hear two sentences.

"Come on, it's not hard to says; love you."

This is what is love has in
It's so hard.
If him does not love you
It's more harder than get up in the morning.

No problem, God has tested me with you again, with you again. you aren't my 17 year old youre my a alarm like a suddenly sounds like. Do not be angry, never even read if you get angry. Let me puke here . Let me not be drowned in that moment. I will not let you see what I can not say in your face, I will give you a hand. You read too.
Read this very well.

Just read it.

(The article belongs to me and ı have mistakes ı know but ı trying to learn english. Please support me.)

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