Do you feel like you're stuck? Like your life isn't going anywhere?
Then I guess it's time for a change. When you change your mindset, you can acomplish anything.

Starting a life makeover:

1. Mental- a makeover starts in your mind

- How you feel about the world/yourself- you can write, draw, just express how you feel about it

- Hobbies/habits/interests that bring you peace/out of your thinking mode and into doing or being

Do stuff that you like, that make you feel happy, that make you feel alive, be grateful for being on this world and have a chance at life

- Meditation

Do meditation everyday if you can, it's a great way to relax and start your day, just remember to be consisten like with any habit.

- Five main life motto's or perspectives to live by/use
You can use: Hakuna matata, Just do it or basically anything you like.
I think I'm going to use "just do it" because I'm affected by procrastination and procrastinate to much. But don't just do stuff, think about it too, before doing it at least. But just don't overthink it. Keep it simple. <3

2. Physical - you can change your physical appearance if you want, but don't do it from a bad place, or a bad reason. Don't do it because you "hate yourself" or hate the way you look. Do it to improve yourself.
Some things you can do to make yourself look & feel better:

- Hair masks, face mask, taking your legs out of winter hibernation

- New makeup routine

- New hairstyle

- New outfit, style, colours, etc.

3. Atmosphere - change you atmosphere, where you reside, spend more time outdoors, be away from technology for a while, it'll make you feel a lot better at the end. Go outside (if it's warm enough) and go meditate. Like me, I went to a lake yesterday and meditated, you feel so conected with the universe by doing that for example.

- Cut, Clean, Organize- declutter, clean your space and organize your things if you can-I'm still working on that one

- Get rid of what no longer has use/service to your life
Donate it if it's still in a good condition or toss it away.

- Add plants or flowers to bring life back to your space

- Rearrange furniture - I always love doing this because I feel like it shifts your energy.

- Add new decor/lighting

4. Goal Setting

- Re-establish healthy habits

- Refirm or rebuild overall goals and short-term goals (make your goals your habits,I'll write more about goals in the next article)

- Make a mood-board, habit tracker or progress board.

5. Surrounding Forces

- Get outside of your comfort zone

- Talk to new people/people in your life that inspire you

- Try a new class, explore where you live, try something new!

Learn to learn and keep improving your life.
Love you guys, see you next time.

Love, M.