hey everyone, welcome to the first article of my new lifestyle series. hopefully it will contain lots of tips about things such as food, health and school. this post may be a short one as im lacking time - but enjoy! x

smoothie bowls

drink, food, and meal image food, healthy, and blue image breakfast, food, and blueberry image fruit, food, and healthy image
they’re absolutely delicious and look great on ur insta feed


fruit, food, and healthy image summer, fruit, and pineapple image fruit, food, and berries image fruit, food, and healthy image
great for energy, and can also be used within lots of other delicious recipes


healthy, food, and nuts image chocolate, food, and sweet image food, blueberry, and healthy image nuts, food, and healthy image
im actually allergic but they’re a good source of protein and nice to snack on


food, fruit, and kiwi image strawberry, food, and yummy image food, blueberry, and healthy image breakfast and fruit image
greek yogurt and honey, omg slay me (although honeys not the healthiest haha)

vegetable crisps

crisps, vegetable, and carrot image chips, healthy, and veggie image chips, crisps, and kale image przekąska, cookmagazine, and przepis image
be careful as sometimes, flavourings and unhealthy things are added - but so nice if you get the right ones
oh honey...
oh honey...
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