I'm sorry for the delay, school is killing me. So, the good news, i'm going to post 2 new articles to catch up with the daily challenge.

Day 2 | Write something that someone told you about that you never forget.

I'm going to write 2, negative and positive.


I can be mature and immature at the same time, but i now the right timing.

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The girl that told me said that i am a really fun-loving and down to earth girl, i like playing but i know when to do it, and i can be polite in any circumstances. But i never realize all of this..


I am gullible.

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I think this is true, i get tricked a lot of time, and i don't blame myself because i'm the one believing stuff. Because i'm just so curious and i kept thinking that it's true, and NO i'm not that stupid and naive.

That's all for today's challenge, see you tommorow !! - Calyptus

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