this article may be long cause my bucket list is kind of long, anyways let's start.


own a professional camera
camera, tumblr, and picture image camera and sony image
hold a baby lion
lion, animal, and cartier image animal, cute, and lion image
explore a jungle
elephant, animal, and nature image girl, summer, and tropical image
be a babysitter
Image removed Image removed
buy cool phone cases
galaxy, iphone, and iphone cases image iphone, case, and marble image
have a famous blog
blog, laptop, and monochrome image blog, fashion, and interieur image
try food from another country
aesthetic, food, and cookie image food, aesthetic, and drink image
jump into a pool with my clothes on
Temporarily removed blog, fashion, and girl image
finish a coloring book
art, pencil, and colors image coloring, adult coloring, and coloring book image
send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
Image by • 🇦 🇳 🇬 🇪 🇱 • Temporarily removed
have pastel hair
hair, purple, and beauty image Temporarily removed
have someone make me breakfast in bed
food, breakfast, and coffee image Temporarily removed
travel the world
travel, world, and map image Temporarily removed
attend a ball
dress, fashion, and style image dance, black and white, and couple image
jump off a waterfall
waterfall, nature, and water image Image by ❤️Xime❤️
volunteer at an animal shelter
adopt, kitten, and kitty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
bake an apple pie
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
work at a library
Image removed books, japan, and library image
have a walk-in closet
black, casual, and Dream image fashion, closet, and clothes image
write a book and be happy enough with it to let someone else read it
book and aesthetic image book, glasses, and writing image
have a chalkboard wall
decor, decoration, and office image chalkboard, gemini, and wall image
smash a pie in someone's face
blue, pie, and funny image Temporarily removed
see a wolf
Temporarily removed wolf, animal, and black and white image
hug a panda
panda, green, and nature image panda, cute, and animal image
attend a masquerade
Temporarily removed girl, model, and torazo enfermo image