☞ Tissues
I never left home without a pack of tissues. This is I think the most important thing of my bag first becouse I have a runny nose and second sometimes this happen to me when I go to the toilet and there is no toilet paper..... so I use tissues.

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☞ Vallet
With all my cash, ID card, bus tickets ...

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☞ Make up
Mascara, blush, foundation this three things I always have to fix my make up.

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☞ Water
Don't forget to hidrate your body with a bottle of fresh water ;)

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☞ Body Spray / Parfume
I love when I'm smell good so I keep a spray or a little parfume in my bag.

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☞ Book
I love reading so much so I always bring a book with me. Its always the book wich I read that time.

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☞ Lipbalm
My lips are dry so often so I really need to use balm.

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☞ Wet wipes / Hand sanitizer
I often have to eat lunch in a reastaurant / caffeteria, so I found it easier to use wet wipes or sanitizer to clean my hands (and the table).

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☞ Snack / Chewing Gum
"Sometimes" :D I'm hungry so I bring snack with me yogurt, fruit, biscuits. And the chewing gum for fresh breathing.

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☞ Powerbank / Headphones
I love powerbank it's my little life saver. I think you know what I'm talking about :) Headphones for music and when I'm watching a movie.

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Thank you for reading my article!! <3