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What is your love language?

For answering this question, I learn that there’s a book about your primary language on love and you also can take a test from it to know what yours. I would share the link test is in the end below if you interest to take it as well. It says that you see there’s five basic love language and these are the ways we express but also receive love. Turns out I get tends to be more dominant on Quality Time. Have a little high score on Physical Touch and Acts of Services, also the lower one is Words of Affirmation and Receiving Gifts.

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Quality Time

I’m not surprised that my primary love language was having or spending quality time with someone I love. But sure, I’m a talkative person and sometimes like to getting attention by someone, so for me its better to deepen my connection with others through sharing time.

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Physical Touch

Not saying that I’m very touchy or someone like to skinship so much, but I tend to be more likely to offer emotional support with warm hugs, pats on the back, pats their hair and thoughtful touches on the arm with someone I care.

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Acts of Services

Include doing things you think the other person would appreciate if you did it like helping someone with their chores or taking any projects to relieve the other person of stress or additional burden. If done with a positive spirit this can be a way to show love.

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Words of Affirmation

Sharing verbal encouragement and kind thoughtful words can be one of the way to show some love to others, sometime we love to hear “I love you,” from someone we love directly. For me that is not necessary to do, but sometimes I love to hear and need that.

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Receiving Gifts

Who don’t like to receiving gifts from parents, friends, and someone you truly really love. It’s not a shallow way to expressing love either. Give and take a gift is matter less to me than the other way to show affection to someone. I’m okay if there was someone like to send me some presents but if not given me something is fine too.

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