Hi loves! 🦋 I wrote an article about women from the past that inspire me (link down below) and I wanted to write another one about the people that inspire me every single day. ⚡️ They are celebrities, but they put their faces and their hearts in what they believe in. They want to help the others and I love their spirit. 🙏🏼

Michael Jackson

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He has such a big big heart, so kind with children and poor people. His music is pure art, he is art and he will always stay in our memories.

Diana Spencer

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I just love this woman, she's not with us anymore but she's constantly in my thoughts. She loved so much and was so hurt, she suffered all her life. Diana also did a lot for charity and for the elimination of anti-personnel mines.

Jared Leto

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I saw this man a few days ago and his voice makes me so emotional, I love him, his soul and the need of freedom he has. He is so kind and full of creativity, so versatile in his jobs.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Everyone's 90s' love. He's one of the best actors of the decade and he is a humanitarian, that gives his life not only for acting but also to save the world from global warming and make us more conscious about this fact.

Prince Harry

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The Prince follows what his mother left after she died. He's so interested in protecting the ones mutilated by war and he is so kind with children. I see his mother in his eyes.

Miley Cyrus

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This giiirl. She founded a community to help lgbtq+ people and to raise public awareness. She also has taught us that everyone can make mistakes but that doesn't define you or make you a bad person.

They really mean a lot to me 🍃

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Hope you liked it! 🏳️‍🌈
Lots of love for every single one of you
Fede ⭐️