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13 Reasons Why (Finished)

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Pardon me, but you really hurt my feelings.
— Hannah Baker.

My honest opinion on this one is that I think it's the most heartbreaking series ever and I think it deserves and needs more attention. Not only because it's a good series, but also because the message the show gives you is so so so important ; little things can destroy a person. And I think people should realise this, in a world were everyone judges each others and puts each others down. The show is about Hannah Baker, who attented a suicide. She recorded tapes on which she tells 13 reasons why she killed herself.
I give 13 Reasons why a 8/10.

The End of The F**cking World (Finished)

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She made me feel things.
And I didn't like it at all.
— James.

At the start, I just thought this one was very weird. To be honest, I didn't like it at all. It made me feel awful somehow. But my friends begged me to continue watching, so that's what I did. And after episode 4/5 I actually started liking it. So this series is about James, who is basically a psycopath. He likes killing animals and he doesn't feel things. One day he decides he wants to kill a human, just for the adrenaline. He thinks Alyssa, the new girl, is a good target. So he pretends he fell in love with her. Then they decide to go on a roadtrip, and everything changes.

I give The End of the F**cking World a 7,5/10

Gossip Girl (Finished)

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I like the way I feel when he looks at me.
Like I wanna believe in myself.
— Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Now this is a series I was excited to talk about. Not only has this series humor, it also has a lot of pain and heartbreak. I just think Gossip Girl will always be one of my favorites. So basically it's about some rich kids who live at the Upper East Side with a bunch of money. Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Chuck Bass. And then you also have Dan Humprey, Vanessa and of course other characters. & never forget, Gossip Girl, someone who follows the kids everywhere and posts every scandal of them on the internet.
I'd almost give Gossip Girl a 10/10, but I'll stick with a 9/10

Once Upon A Time (Started)

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Forgiving yourself is the hardest thing to do.
— Regina.

I watched this months ago, so correct me if I'm wrong. This series is about fairytales coming alive in this village called Storybrooke. Fairytales such as Snow White. I watched like ten episodes and then stopped, I don't know why because I do remember liking this one. I just think I forgot about it ??
I give Once Upon A Time a 6,5/10, because I don't remember much of it.

I still haven't had all the series I've watched, haha. But I think this is enough for today.

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