Well growing up in this world we all get our anxiety depressions and sadness at some point,well for me its different this is my life like literally
and well the attributes are
I push people away not because i like it but i feel like they have their life which are cool and fun and mine well its boring i dont have talents to show other people nor am i funny people most of the tie use me for money or cause am gullible .This is why my circle is so small and i know some of you will laugh its my parents my close friend from high school JANET and well my rock God
I know that thing everyone says that "beauty is what is inside" well that is BS cause guess its not what people see to judge people judge by appearance in this time and day if u dont have on fleek eyebrows ,trendiest clothes,nice hair not to forget on fleek make up which corresponds with a fly feed on instagram and well i have none sooo guess what am ugly according to this millennium
That is well knowledgeable which boy wants this girl hahaaa