Pardon me, dear stranger
I've fallen for you so instantly
the first look, i gazed and
There is nothing I want,
than to be with you
i know it deep down within

Pardon me, dear stranger
I've fallen in love so many times
...Always with you
You're the fire that turns
the passions within my soul
for near and far
despite the roll deed

Pardon me, dear stranger
With every passing day
I always find myself hopelessly
Falling more and more in love with you
For you are surely
what my heart desires
and what it speaks of

Pardon me, dear stranger
A day without you
Is like a day without sunshine
Full of Darkness with sad clouds far above
Sadness, a day full of
Misery and emptiness within me
You may be out of my sight
But never out of my mind
And my sunshine will soon return

Pardon me, dear stranger
I miss you, so dearly
Now that you're clearly out of my sight
Lonely nights, when I gaze out my window
Laying my head to rest
Falling away, watching you

Pardon me, dear stranger
The best place in the world for me
Is right by your side
Where I know, I belong
and i promise you
in time, it will all be

Pardon me, dear stranger
I miss you today
Just like yesterday and the day before
And I'll miss you more tomorrow
And many more I'll miss you

Pardon me, dear stranger
I don't know how you feel
but give me a chance
I'll make you see
It's meant to be
You are all that I could ask for
You're the stranger, I've fallen for

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

(just a cute poem i found and like)