Hi I'm Laura, this is my fifth (i think) article I've written and I really enjoy it so i thought I'd let you guys know a bit more about me, but let's not make this basic, im going to give you 21 very random and irrelevant facts about myself :)

1. i was born July 21st of 2001

2. my first boyfriend didn't know that raisins are dried grapes

3. in 10th grade i studied for my Physical Education bone and muscle test by listening to Hannah Montana's 'Bone Dance' song. And passed :)

4. i once jumped into a rose bush

5. i currently have $22.27 in my bank account

6. when i was younger i put a popcorn kernel up my nose and had to go to hospital to get it out

7. i lowkey believe that Bruce Jenner (or Caitlyn) is Khloe's father because of a tweet i read once upon a time

8. i have to pee a lot

9. i found a glue stick in my sock drawer today and it's probably the most exciting thing that's happened to me all day

10. i'm terrified of chickens

11. i once watched my boyfriend successfully deep throat a carrot

12. my ninth grade home economics fried rice was the worst food every created

13. someone once thought i was my dads wife instead of his only daughter

14. when I'm on my period i like to listen to One Direction and cry

15. i chose to write 21 facts about myself rather than 50 because i have a boring life and there's no way I'm capable of thinking of 50

16. my best friends boyfriend has a hernia

17. i took a dance class once and now i understand why no one calls me Laura The Tango Champion

18. i enjoy stealing and wearing my fathers clothes

19. i'm still sad about High School Musical 2

20. i once had to save my best friend from a viscous caterpillar

21. i called my teacher "mum" once and it still haunts me at night

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know any other articles you want me to write or leave a friendly message :)