Hi guys! 🙋This is my March playlist.

1. Him&i ~ Halsey, G-Eazy

halsey, couple, and g-eazy image
couple, halsey, and g-eazy image

2. Dusk Till Dawn ~ Zayn ft. Sia

music, dusk till dawn, and love image
gif image

3. Amorfoda ~ Bad Bunny

Image by ~ℛ♡
gif image

4. In my blood ~ Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes, in my blood, and music image
shawn mendes, shawn, and sm3 image

5. Cicatrices ~ Natos y Waor

Image by ~ℛ♡
pill, song, and speed image

And ready ... I hope you like it.Until the next.❤️❤️