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I think you do not even remember me

But still

I want to be her.


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she was hundred times better than me.

She was better at everything.

even her sentences were more expound than mine.

And her hair seems to always look shiny.

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but she and you for me always seemed so shame.

And her voice has been familiar to me for a long time.

And that's when my eyes got you and her together

I wanted to start re-living even

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because, for me it was ...

I still do not understand what feeling I've visited then.

I wanted to laugh, but after half a minute all the rivers and the sea were thrown.

But I could not

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because, in your eyes I can not even feel.

I had to stay where I was and watch you

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Your smile is against her, and her is against yours.

And they plundered me into such huge pieces

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Because then I realized

That you learn to be happy without me.

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