Hibi Chouchou/Butterfly Day by Day

suiren, hibi chouchou, and manga image
Suiren, who is very shy, falls in love with the boy in the Karate section.

The absolute prettiest! The art in that manga just heals you. Compared to other shoujo mangas, this one has less second-hand embarrassment, so give it a try if you're like me and cannot handle cringey moments. Male protagonist, I guess, is a bit... bleak compared to other shoujo boys. But the story itself is very cute.

Rabu★Kon/Lovely Complex

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The story of a very tall girl and a very short boy.

The funniest shoujo I ever read/watched! Also the first one ever for me :) (It is probably better to start this one with the anime - it is too funny, but then to know everything that happens later - to read the manga).

Strobe Edge

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Ninako falls in love with the handsomest boy in school.

Io Sakisaka, the writer of the manga, has a much more famous shoujo series (Ao Haru Aide), but I like this one better. It ticks quite a lot of over-used shoujo tropes, but the art is pretty, and the protagonists are both cute. Plus I love that over-used trope of a girl pining for the hottest boy in school.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei/Daytime Shooting Star

manga, hirunaka no ryuusei, and daytime shooting star image
Yosano comes from the village to live with her uncle in the big city.

This one is definitely the most well-known shoujo on my list. And quite deservingly too - the art is pretty, the story, while ticking some cute shoujo tropes, actually strays away to tell it's own story, all the characters are rounded and believable. (Mamura is too cute and handsome).

Orenji (TAKANO Ichigo)/Orange

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The group of friends receives the letters from the future.

For those of you who want not so typical shoujo story. The plot is captivating.

Tomodachi no Hanashi/Secret of the friendship

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Eiko's best friend, Moe, is beautiful. But to all the boys confessing to her, she replies that she will only date them, if they will put Eiko higher than her.

The art of that manga takes a bit time to get used to, but it is pretty when you do. Well, the story is definitely too heteromantic... (But what shoujo isn't?) But the characters who were written psychologically deep and different end up having such a nice chemistry.


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The artist finds his muse.

Very beautiful, the story is a bit heavier than usual shoujo. But give it a try.

Notable mentions (Older stuff):

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e/For you in full blossom

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Mijuki follows her idol to the all-boys school.

This one gives you such a good idea of what shoujo was in 90s. The love story has such intense moments, and the male protagonist is very cool, while the female is funny which is my favourite type of pair, I guess.
If you find the manga not to your taste (90s have had such a different art style), you could try the Japanese Live Version, but I actually really love the Korean version ("To the beautiful you") - the main characters are played by Shinee's Minho and F(x)'s Sulli, and if you squint really hard you could notice EXO.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!/Class President is a Maid!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Ummm... Class president works in the Maid-cafe.

Ok, now I can understand that this manga has been launching itself to please some kinky people, but I was reading it in my teens, so I only had the eyes on Usui. He is undoubtedly one of the handsomest male protagonists in shoujo. It is cute, give anime a try (ended too soon as always, so you have to dig manga to know the end).

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I forgot how funny these three were.

Koe no Katachi/The Shape of Voice

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To Ishida's class come a new girl. Nishimiya is deaf.

I'm not sure if that qualifies as shoujo... So it's here. Many of you have probably heard of it before. It is very sad, features one of the best redemption arcs, psychologically deep characters...

Thanks for reading! This was fun to make, if you want more - my ask box is open (for shoujo/anime/manga recommendations or anything else).