Arabic films barely get any recognition in the mainstream media.

One of the LEAST represented cultures in the film industry is Arabian culture.
I decided to make this list to shed some light on some of my favorite Arabic movies (specifically coming of age genre).

1. The Battle of Algiers

1996 film is about the Algerian War against the French Government. Inspirational to insurgent groups, this classic postcolonial film was banned in France for five years. “The Battle of Algiers” was filmed in black and white and in a documentary-newsreel style.

2. West Beirut

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This is my all time favorite movie. It's about three teenagers and how their lives was before the civil war in Lebanon and how it changed after the war. If I could give you any advice, it's to never watch a European/American production on Arabic teens because they never tell our true stories. This movie is a full Arabic story and it's amazing.

3. Ghazal El Banat

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“Ghazal Al-Banat,” also known as “The Flirtation of Girls,” is a classic Egyptian film from 1949. Though considered a romantic comedy, this film makes a critical comment about women’s equality. In black and white, the movie-musical has lively songs and numerous musical numbers. Egyptian critics consider this movie to be among the top ten Egyptian movies of all time. The director, Anwar Wagdi, had a very prolific film career and was married to Leila Mourad, the star of the film.

4. Et Maintenant On Va Ou?

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Muslim and Christian women (Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Layla Hakim, Nadine Labaki) join forces to stem the tide of violence in their war-torn Middle Eastern village. Nadine Labaki (the director) is my idol because she is one of the very few well known arabian female filmmakers.

5. Asal Eswed

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Assal Eswed is a 2010 Egyptian Comedy film. The literal translation of the title is "Black Honey", relating to the bitter-sweet feelings that Egyptians feel towards living in their country.