Hi ! I'm a French girl (and I'm sorry if my English is bad) so I want to show you my favorite french songs ! I translated the lyrics in french for you.

Je l'aime à mourir - Francis Cabrel

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You can destroy anything you like, she only has to open the space of her arms to rebuild everything. I love her to die

Je fais de toi mon essentiel - Emmanuel Moire

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I make you my essential, you make me born among men. I make you my essential, the one that I will love more than anyone.

Il est temps - Kyo

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It is time for us to lay down our arms. The night belongs to us, let us tell what we become. It is time for us to revive the flame. I have only my tears because life loses all its charm without you ...

4 mots sur un piano - Patrick Fiori, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Christine Ricol

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She was my wind, my wings, my life in more beautiful. Was she too beautiful or am I too stupid? Do we ever love enough?

Belle - Garou, Daniel Lavoie, Patrick Fiori

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Beautiful, it's a word that seems to be invented for her

Que tu reviennes - Patrick Fiori

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That you come back, I don't expect it anymore. That you come back, I waited so much, days and weeks, months, maybe more. As far as I can remember, I think you didn't love me anymore.

L'Homme En Rouge - Michel Polnareff

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There is no sun in my misery, the man in red doesn't warm me. There is no light in my tunnel, the man in red won't turn it on

Casser la voix - Patrick Bruel

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If tonight I don't want to go alone. If tonight I don't want to go home. If tonight I don't want to close my mouth. If tonight I want to break my voice

Tous les cris, les S.O.S - Daniel Balavoine

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Like a madman will throw empty bottles into the sea and then hope we can read through S.O.S written with air.

Toute la musique que j'aime - Johnny Hallyday

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Blues means that I love you and it hurts to die. I cry but I still sing, it's my prayer to keep you.

Quelque chose de Tennessee - Johnny Hallyday

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We all have something in us from Tennessee [...] Like a star that goes out in the night, at a time when others love each other madly, without a burst of voice and without a sound, without a single love, without a single friend

Stupeflip vite !! - Stupeflip

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In your heart, there is a child crying You feel more, he feels bad. You sequestered him, gagged, tied up

Le spleen des petits - Stupeflip

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He still clenched his teeth but won't stand in this violence, his little heart was pure but now he cries out "revenge".