Hello!! Today i'm going to share some musics that i've been hearing non stop lately.
Hope you enjoy :)

1. God's Plan- Drake

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2. Look Alike (feat. Drake)- BlocBoy JB, Drake

3. All The Stars (with SZA)- Kendrick Lamar

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4. Love lies (with Normani)- Khalid

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5. Never Be The Same- Camila Cabello

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6. In The Dark- Camila Cabello

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7.Sick Boy- The Chainsmokers

sick boy and the chainsmokers image

8. Young, Dumb & Broke- Khalid

grunge, music, and style image broke, dumb, and Lyrics image

9. Walk On Water (feat. Beyoncé)- Eminem

eminem, grunge, and beyoncé image beyonce knowles, eminem, and walk on water image

10. Thunder- Imagine Dragons

Image by 佐天 涙子 music, quotes, and song image

11. Naked- James Arthur

arthur, james, and music image blue, Lyrics, and pink image

12. Bad At Love- Halsey

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13. Alone- Halsey

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14. LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI- Kendrick Lamar

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15. In My Blood- Shawn Mendes

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16. Lost In Japan- Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes and lost in japan image shawn mendes, shawn, and mendes image