I'm seventeen years old, turning eighteen in one year, and now I'm still young I feel like I should do the crazy things I've always wanted to do, before I'm settling down and have a fulltime job. Time goes so fast and I want to live the best and most advventures life iI can. There are just some "young, wild & free" things I want to do now I'm still a teenager.


1. Get a helix (piercing in my ear)
2. Get a tattoo (a tiny one)
3. Skydiving
4. Learn how to surf
5. Visit Hawaii
6. See the Northern lights
7. Get toned abs
8. Backpack across Europe
9. Go to a drive-in movie
10. Participate in a color run
11. Flirt with a cute barista
12. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself, when you really feel like it
13. Dance on a bar
14. Act in a movie
15. Visit Bali
16. Stargaze with my s.o
17. First find my s.o.
18. Tell my parents about the tattoo...lmao
19. Sing in public
20. Smoke weed
21. Go to a party of someone you don't really know
22. Shout out of an open car window
23. Wear an outfit that's out of my comfort zone
24. Kiss in the rain (ha ha what a cliché)
25. Do voluntary work

But most important of all!: Never stop living life, going on adventures, laughing and surrounding yourself with good people! Make bucketlist after bucketlist and learn to love life!