Hey guys!
Ever sense I saw this article by @MissEmmalie I wanted to try it. It is filled with cute questions you can answer about any character you have written about. I want to do this for a lot of my characters but I am starting with Carly from the Harry Potter universe because she is one of my most popular O.C, enjoy! Check out the inspirations for this article below.

the basics:
name: Carly Estrella

age: 15

zodiac sign: Sagittarius

one good trait: Loyal

one bad trait: Paranoid

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one bad habit: Partying

one good habit: Frequent Exercise

one habit they can’t break: Ease Dropping

one they’ve broken: Paranoia

what they’re afraid of: Her magic getting out of control

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their parents' names: Ciar and Trevor Gryffindor

their siblings' names: Nox (four years older)

favorite childhood memory: Fairy hunting with her best friend in Europe at age six

favorite childhood toy: A pink and purple stuffed rabbit

embarrassing story: Once accidentally struck her parent's car with lightning

favorite family member: Her dad (Trevor)

a story about that family member: She grew up watching her dad coach goldenball (American Quidditch) so she's his biggest fan

harry potter, hogwarts, and quidditch image

what they prefer:
coffee or tea? Coffee

showering in the day or night? Night

taking baths or taking showers? Showers

tv or movies? Tv

writing or reading? Reading

platonic or romantic love? Platonic

iced tea or lemonade? Iced tea

ice cream or smoothies? Smoothies

cupcakes or cake? Cupcakes

beach or mountains? Mountains

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song: Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon

band: Imagine Dragons

outfit: Black crop top, stormy blue skirt, black heels and a rain-cloud hair pin with pearl earrings

place: Washington D.C

memory: First kiss ever at a ballet academy

person: Tiffany Eros (her best friend)

movie: Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars

show: Parks and Recreation

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