~ Its difficult to understand why things happen in life, but somethings happen for a reason and they shape the person you are today ~

Im currently walking down the street, going back home in the darkest sky I have ever seen. Its night time and im looking up at the moon to see if I can catch a shooting star. To wish my worries away. I hold my backpack close, looking around the empty streets while looking up at the sky to make sure I don't miss a thing.

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But you took advantage of my wondering eyes towards the glorious sky and took away my sight with your disgusting harsh punch. I remember laying on the floor, looking around to see who on earth would do such a horrible thing. But then... i see you.

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You're ready to trow your next punch at my trembling figure and i try my best to escape you're calloused hands. I feel my nose break in half at the contact of you skin on mine.

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You punch and you punch while im on the floor laying unconscious with nobody to help me. I see the sky and wonder why it hasn't taken me up into the clouds past the stars and into the purifying sun. Im left there... with bruises forming onto my delicate skin, while i see the hooded figure with the darkest soul hitting me till no end.

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Then it stops. The suffering and the pain are all that remains from this horrible event. Im left in the streets late at night watching as the shooting star passes trough the sky. There it is, what ive been waiting for all this time, just passed through me in the most horrifying night. As i close my eyes to give my last breath i feel this burning strength that corses through my soul.

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I need to keep on fighting.

So I try again. I move my fingers then my arms and I work from there. I feel my body trying to stand up but i keep on falling. Failing.

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Try again.

I move my head, then my arms, then my legs, and move to stand up tall again. And I finally stand up. Its difficult to stand up but i keep on trying, just like that little voice on the back of my head told me to do. I walk faster and faster till I see the green light in front of my house.

I turn around to see if im alone and all i see is the rising sun. Warming me up instantly from the cold night. I enter my house and I spot the mirror... Oh no. I contemplate for a couple of minutes if i truly have to face reality but my legs move before I can agree.

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I close my eyes and take a deep breath and...

"Wake Up"

What? Were am I?

"Hey kid, its time to leave, the restaurant closes in 5 minutes. You can just put the cleaning supplies in the closet over there."

I look around and stand up abruptly. Wow I cant believe I slept at work, and that nightmare was horrible!!! But I have to keep on working, I need to save up for college to have a better future, because I know it wont be easy.

We all have our struggles in life but we must keep on trying. No one will save you if you don't try to save yourself first. So please love, keep on trying, because it will be worth it in the end.

-Love, Gen :)
Thanks for all the love and support :)