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Current favorite tv show? Movie? Song? Book?

Before that, I want to clarification that I can't just pick one answer, I'm so sorry and enjoy!


I don’t often watching some TV Shows , maybe this answers would be not my current favorites. However, the last TV show that I watched and I love it so much was The End of the F***ing World and Stranger Things season 2.

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My favorite movies currently is Dilan 1990, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, Frequencies, and Chronicles. I know my taste kinda weird but I'm getting more into some historical and drama movies lately.

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If you read my previous article about my hobbies, you would know that I love to discovering music. So of course I have a lot favorite songs now, if I write everything in here, it would be so long and boring. But just few days ago my friend introduced me with this boy named cavetown or Robbin Skinner, so right now I love to hear his albums and single. But I'll write some current favorite song recommendation list in here, not only his songs, the other artist too.

1. Cavetown - This is Home
2. Cavetown - Lemon Boy
3. Banks - Someone New
4. Hailee Steinfeld - Capital Letters

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I read a lot of Indonesian books lately so I can’t share it some of it with you guys because maybe you all wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about. The last international (or have a lot English words in it) book that I’ve been read was Milk and Honey. I love The sun and her flowers too but I’m not finish it yet.

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That's all for now, and thank you so much for reading, also supporting this article, y'all awesome. See you at day 28 of the challenge!

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