Heres my tips on how to glow up on your haters and become a better, more confident you at the same time!

Become selfish. Thats right. You read right, become selfish, hype yourself up, be your own biggest fan. When you make it all about you and center your priorities around the things that will be a positive influence in your life and you know it will better YOU, you'll learn how to take on anything in life because you've built up that self confidence others have tried to tear down.

Tip#2: Glow up physically, mentally, spiritually, financially. Get yourself in shape, get that dream body you've always wanted! Your body will thank you in the longterm when you're eating right, working out, and doing all that you can to better your health!
Better your mind. Take time to do some things that get your mind right. Meditate, pray, listen to some good music, even write some stuff down if you have to, whatever it takes to ease the stress off your brain and get you thinking positive thoughts.
And of course, get that shhhmoneyyy girl!! Get on your grind, and don't focus on nothing or nobody else but your hustle, cuz one thing a hater hates is to see that you're on your grind and they're still bummy, and Bey said it best when she said "The Best Revenge Is Your Paper" so get them coins in formation girl!

Tip#3: Lastly, if need be, be petty. But in a I'm glowed up now so I ain't got time for no lame, broke bish, you had the chance but you blew it sort of petty. Get your Insta poppin, post more often. Post positivity, and about how you've improved. Let them hatin haters see how good your doing so they know what they've missed, and let them see that they could live down the street from you but still wouldn't be able to get in touch because you're so heavily doing you that you wouldn't have time!

Bottom line is, when you've got people who hate on you, or even those who discounted you in the past, you've got to be able to move on from them and do you, because in the end YOUR opinion is the only one that matters and what YOU think of yourself is more important that what others think.