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The Happiest Place on Earth.

I am addicted to Disneyland and Disney World, but Disneyland is closer to me (and therefore cheaper). The thrill of the rides alone is enough, but teleporting back into your childhood for a few days is always good for the soul. It keeps the imagination machine in your head moving.


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Hunting, fishing, campfires, and telling stories.

We work all week to pay for the running water for our daily showers and general cleanliness, electricity for the air conditioning and vigorous phone charging, and the comforting feeling of having a solid roof over our heads. Yet, we still find it enjoyable to spend even more of our hard earned money to abandon these luxuries and live in the middle of the wilderness for a few days and sometimes more. But, yes, it is fun!

Outdoor Concert/Music Festival

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Music, friends, memories.

I have actually never been to one... I have been to a couple small concerts and I really enjoyed them. But I really want to experience a live music festival. I would prefer country music, as I was born and raised on country music, but really any music I would enjoy. There are a couple that happen right in my hometown, and I am looking forward to attending at least one of them this summer.

Las Vegas

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Like Disneyland - but for adults.

I've been to Las Vegas once - for my 21st birthday, like a true cliché. Once is not enough for me. I hope to go again for my birthday this summer. Las Vegas is an easy weekend trip for friends and a ton of fun.


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"You light the spark in my bonfire heart"

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to go over to one of our houses and sit around a bonfire drinking and having a good time. Some people do stupid things, while others watch and laugh. Some of the best memories are made around bonfires.

Coast Trip

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The Oregon Coast is a magical place.

I am born and raised in Oregon, and the coast (not beach!) holds a special place in my heart. Yes, it is often freezing and extremely windy. But magical things happen at the Oregon Coast.


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Rollercoasters, Ferris Wheels, Cotton Candy, and good times.

My hometown is host to one of the biggest fairs in the state and every year it falls on my birthday - so, naturally I have gone every year. It's always a blast! Watching the auctions and various animal showings - pigs, cows, sheep, goats, and even llamas/alpacas. There's tons of different vendors, and of course rides. There's also lots of different shows going on at the Pavilion and small stages by the food courts. It's my favorite time of the year - Fair Season.


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Cowboys - the bane of my existence.

Rodeo Season - the most wonderful time of the year. Granted, I was born and raised around this kind of stuff; i.e. bucking hay, riding horses, barrel racing, and going mudding. Rodeos are the best time to live out your cowboy/cowgirl fantasies. The Buckle Bunnies and Weekend Cowboys come out to play - but it's all in good fun!

Go Hiking

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"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." John Muir

Hiking is a great way to be physical while experiencing the wonders of nature. There are AMAZING hiking trails in Oregon alone and I've only done a small portion of them. It is one of my favorite things to do in my free time.

Drive-In Movie

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Groovy - Like a drive-in movie

Drive-Ins are an important part of history and there are a few theaters near my hometown I like to go to. But summer is the only season - especially in Oregon - that they're really open.

Start a garden

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"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." Elizabeth Murray

I've always loved the idea of growing my own plants and using the fruits and vegetables in my cooking, and this summer I want to find the time to finally put them all together. For now it has to be a portable one since I am living in apartments - but once I get my own place I will build my own little greenhouse! It's also economically and ecologically beneficial.

California Coastline Road Trip

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Golden state of mind.

I love a good road trip, I also love California beaches. The Blonde Abroad blog gives a fabulous guide to navigating the road trip and lists the important stops along the way - I can't wait to use it for myself (hopefully this summer).


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