Nowadays, the world we live in we affluent industrialized citizens with perfection the expectation,the best you can ever hope for is that stuff is as good as you expect it to be.You will never be pleasantly surprised because your expectations,my expectations, have gone through the roof. The secret to happiness is low expectations. having high expectations is setting yourself up for you to be disappointed. for example, if there was a newly opened ice cream store, and you've been waiting to go there for a while, you would have high expectations. when you actually try the new ice cream, and it does not meet up to one of your expectations, you are instantly disappointed, and you feel mislead. but you see, if you had walked into the ice cream store with no expectations at all, there would be no put downs, no disparagement. in a way, we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed. in a modern world like earth, where everybody has the mentality of 'doing good' we constantly put ourselves down with our high expectations. so, there it is. the secret to happiness is low expectations.