They don’t ask if you want to hear those ‘compliments’ and catcalling.
Obviously, they don’t ask, and they don’t care, because it's in their minds that our bodies are their business.

Almost every girl has a story to share about how that day she decided to wear a short skirt and got all kinds of opinions about her legs and how beautiful she looked.

I don’t feel safe when it’s late and I’m coming home.
I feel those looks on me and I hate it.
I hate when they look at my body like that. Like a piece of meat.
I’m more than my body.

I study engineering.
And I see how the male professionals earn more than females.
It’s unfair and unacceptable.
My effort and knowledge are the same as them.
And I want to earn the same as them.
I don’t want to feel less.
Not for being a woman.

A time ago in public transport, I saw how a man slapped his wife/girlfriend, for no apparent reason.
She was laughing as if that were fun.
Not. That’s not funny.
And then I asked myself if she had an idea about what was happening.

People think that feminism it’s about how to hate men.
Why it’s everything about men?
That’s why we need feminism.

Not everything it’s about men and the things they like or not.
About the things they approve of or not.

That isn’t the way that should work.

We need feminism.

Because I want to feel safe when I wear a little dress.
Or when it’s night and I’m coming home.

1 in 4 women has been raped.
6 in 10 women have been victims of gender violence.
I don’t want to be a statistic.

A woman earns 28% less than a man.
I want the same salary.

We need feminism.

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