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So this is my second article on we heart it, and in this article are all about my favourite decor inspired by the bohemian/ laid back vibe.

➸ Bedroom

The bedroom is where I spend most of my time, chilling out in an calming environment whilst listening to relaxing music. Whenever I'm in my bedroom I feel a sense of tranquillity which puts my mind at ease. Things that I would include are;
candles, tapestries, a record player, greenery to add pops of colour, and last but not least, some rustic wooden touches to add to the feel.

Image by lunâ rosë Image by lunâ rosë Image by lunâ rosë Image by lunâ rosë

➸ Kitchen

The Kitchen is all about making home cooked meals, full of flavour and nutrients. Some of my favourite recipes come from a cook book called Elsa's Wholesome Life. It has more than 100 fresh and delicious vegan recipes guaranteed to help you enjoy a lifestyle that is better for you and the environment.

Image by lunâ rosë Image by lunâ rosë healthy, food, and green image Image by lunâ rosë
~ last pic is from the cook book


When I think of the bathroom I think of taking time out the day to wind down in a hot bath, the perfect remedy for relieving stress. Occasionally I like to pamper myself by putting on a face mask or exfoliating my body with a coffee scrub. Adding a bath bomb to the bath is also great because no. 1 they smell good and secondly, they leave you with the softest skin. To set the mood even more, light a nice smelling candle, and play some music (I recommend listening to cigarettes after sex, their music is really soothing) for an easy going atmosphere.

green, lush, and plants image Image by lunâ rosë babe, bath, and luxury image Image by lunâ rosë