❝ distance means so little, when someone means so much ❞

struggle no. 1: timezones

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having different timezones from your online friends sucks. especially when the time difference is big. it's hard to talk sometimes when the time difference is far apart from each other. i feel bad because my friends stay up late just to talk sometimes.

struggle no. 2: video chat not working

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of course texting is an option for communication but it's just so much better video chatting since you can see your friend's face and reactions (or friends if you're chatting with a group of online friends). it also just seems so much more fun. video chatting feels more sincere to me than texting and it makes me feel a lot more closer to my online friends.

struggle no. 3: no internet

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having no internet is horrible. having no internet and having online friends at the same time is worse. literally the only way you can communicate with them is through the internet so when there's no internet, you can't talk to them.

struggle no. 4: approval of parents

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especially if you still live with your parents or if you're still pretty young. the concept of being friends with someone you've never met in real life can seem dangerous at times and unpredictable. it's important to be safe and let your parents know. however, some parents aren't too accepting with the idea of having friends online which is the struggle.