From having never actually taken in that you had a daughter of whom you had to take care of and not giving two fucks about what happened to me from the moment I was born, to this day. I hate you.

These last couple of days, I've been revising my grammar, and i started realizing that hate really is a very strong word. But I truly do hate you, and I hate the fact that I love and care for you even after every goddamn thing you have done and not done.

Every time you call, it's never to check up on me or to see if I'm still alive. You always need money ant that has always been the only thing on your mind. You don't care weather I actually ate or how I'm doing, you're an interested asshole who deserves every single little thing that you've gotten.

I wished for so long that i would get to meet you some day, I prayed that you would help me escape this miserable place where I am now, and that we would "live happily ever after." But all you really did was make me more miserable than I already was, and i fucking hate you.

Yet, i wish i was as cold hearted as you, and gave as many fucks about you as you do about me. This would have been so much easier if you hadn't came back, and gotten into my head, and made me think that everything was my fault.

I hate the fact that i can't hate you, and instead i actually give two fucks about what happens or doesn't happen to you.