Hi, in todays blog I will show you what necessary stuff I have in my diary bag... Let's get start it!


Temporarily removed apple iphone, cases, and chic image
I am a phone addicted you know haha


Temporarily removed Image by Mika
Always is a good idea to listen to music


Temporarily removed pink image
Money is always necessary and I also carry my identification there


Image removed glitter, issues, and phrases image
They're really util, you can use it for almost everything

Bag with makeup and a little mirror

bag, beautiful, and beauty image aesthetic and makeup image
For any makeup inconvenient


outfit, style, and summer image Temporarily removed
I am always hungry lol

Perfume or Deodarant

nails, perfume, and Prada image perfume, dior, and rose gold image
Is good smell nice, right?

I hope you like it!
Till the next blog