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1. "Psychic Fair" as another article called these places. I want to go to one of these. but a real one. also look how cool the vintage "magic" picture is!! The crystal ball is very beautiful too! Also, I usually do tarot readings. I mean they're pretty accurate when I do them for myself, but that's a whole other story I'll probably talk about ;)
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2. A cafe!! This sounds so nice and I can just picture it and smell the coffee! And simple cafes are so aesthetically pleasing I love it. The first "coffee" looks like it would be pretty messy to handle. The second is so simple and would totally be on someone's Instagram for aesthetic. And the last is so pretty, I'd order that in a heartbeat.
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3. A long drive is all I ever want to go on. Preferably in a 1967 Chevy Impala but it's whatever. But the first picture (São Paulo in 1967) is so pretty!! The second pic is Time Square 1957 and the third didn't have a location for me to tell you. I'm sorry!!!
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*4. bonus pic! I really like this picture even though I'm not the biggest fan of the beach. Still, I'd go on a day like this! Another bonus is a pretty girl cos who doesn't love girls? lmao

**Anyways! Hello! I'm not the best at writing these, but I'm trying. I hope you all like this and thank you so much for the great feedback on my other articles!!