Shy people notice everything, but don't often get noticed themselves.

Well, I do the most stupid and random things once I get comfortable with someone.

Until then though, this is what the life of a shy person is like.

1. When the class is reading out loud and you count the people in front of you so you can find your paragraph and rehearse.

2.When you're choking, but have to hold it in because two coughs have already drawn too much attention.

3. Mom: Do you want pizza for lunch?

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Me: Sure!

Mom: OK call the pizza place and I'll get it

Me: Actually, I'm not hungry

4. When you spend a few minutes thinking about what you can add to the conversation, but by the time you have finally found the right thing, the subject has already changed.

5. Not eating your lunch at school because people might see you, you know, EATING?

6. When the teacher is taking attendance and you have to mentally prepare yourself just to say "here."

7. When you have to lower your gaze because you're too shy to make eye contact with strangers.

8. When you let the lady at the salon burn your scalp because you're too shy to tell her the water is too hot.

9. When you hold your nose when you sneeze so that you don't make any sound.

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10. When you have to tell your Mom your order because you're having a mental breakdown due to the fact that you're too scared to talk to the waitress RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

11. Asking teachers or literally anyone for help was a struggle all on its own.

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12. Walking into class a minute late or getting up to use the restroom were scary too because... all eyes are on YOU.

13. ~ Finishes a Test ~ ~ Waits until someone else finishes the test too, so you can hand it in ~

14. Checking out at stores or restaurants because, "what if my card doesn't work," or "what if what I'm buying is super weird and the checkout lady judges me each time I come back here..."

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15. When you're at your birthday party and everyone is singing to you and you have not a clue what to do... Do I smile? Nah, that's weird. Do I look at them all? Or at my cake...?