Hello beauties! Here is a compilation of spring/ summer trends that I have noticed and think are really cute. If this is late to the party I apologize but I’m putting in the sites where you can buy similar products so hopefully this is of some use to someone in need. (no images are mine)

Also I’m super cheap and I'm not paying $80 for an outfit piece so the sites I am linking are going to be more affordable options.

1. Denim Skirts

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I’ve been seeing a lot of denim skirts around lately and I’m loving all the styles so far. A great alternative for shorts this summer as long as your not doing any crazy physical activities.

I am not including the full button front ones because I personally don’t like them that much.
The nicest quality ones that are cheaper options to $45-$50 skirts are some I saw online at forever 21 which range from $16- $23 USD

2. Straight lined cami’s

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I’m not quite sure what else to call the way the neck is shaped but I thought it was really beautiful and flattering on a lot of boob shapes and sizes.

Frankie Phoenix- these are $10 USD but their website accepts other currencies too.
Basic crop top tank option- they have a few other styles too (they have a lot of cute stuff)

If anyone knows of another site that sells tanks that have a straight neck like this LET ME KNOW! 🙏

3. Hair scarves

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This style is great because you can add it to any up do and it’s an easy way to amp up a simple outfit.

For this item I think it’s not necessary to link a site you can find light scarves everywhere
I get a lot of mine from Goodwill and local thrift shops

4.scrunchy tube tops

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I’ve noticed these a lot of places so they shouldn’t be too hard to find for different styles and colors. Cute but also good luck to your boobs to keep it up!

You can get a similar ones at Zaful for $12


Extra option: which are $10 https://shopdevi.com/products/smocked-tube-top-gingham-striped-white?variant=1245015769117

5. Layered Necklaces (gold)

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I’m slightly concerned about the tan lines but they are so cute all together! And whats cool is you can wear 2 or 5 and its still a look.

Bohomoon has good product and you can even buy sets of them like the one in the link below
They vary in price but you can get a set for around $25, they are available in other currency as well. Their official site is https://www.bohomoon.com/

6. Wrap Dresses

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These dresses are not really anything “new” but it’s a classic summer vibe that I love because you can dress it up or down in different ways from beach to festival to casual outing. (and they come in long and short styles)

You can find this style in a lot of different stores but a similar styled dress can be bought here for $20

That’s all I have for you today lovelies! I’ll keep my eye out for more trends, possibly regarding the next up and coming shoe trends...we’ll see. If you have any comments or questions feel free to message me! Enjoy the summer!

P.s. I know it’s a little early but it’s never too early to start hunting for summer outfits before everything is sold out.

🍀, Olivia