i don't even want an answer,
i just wanna forget.

i'm afraid this life i have right now
is the "oh so bright future" i used to fantasize about.
pretty depressing how it turned out.

sometimes i just hate everything and nothing helps
i hate everyone even though i don't want to.
the only thing that's good is an awful lot of kush,
but only sometimes, other times it sucks as well:
getting busted or getting paranoid,
binging for hours,
nausea from the goddamn tabacco,
all the money wasted to get wasted,
to destroy your lungs and your motivation as well.

can't recall the good times,
somewhere i wrote down as a first aid:
"have faith.
it's all gonna get good again."
but i can't wrap my mind around it,
feels like such a lie.
just let me be sad and let me cry.