Hello all you beautiful people! I came up with a wonderful idea, to include you all on my journey of working out and eating healthier. Definitely message me if you ever want to talk, share your progress, or ask me any questions.

Why is this coming up now?

My spring break is ending, and it was very hard for me to scroll through instagram and see all these insanely skinny girls. My friend has also been going through a hard time with an eating disorder and I have learned a lot from her experience.

What can we do?

We can work out together. Maybe not literally together, but you know what I mean. Try getting at least 7 minutes of exercise in a day. Do you have an Amazon Alexa? You can say "start 7 minute workout" and she'll guide you through it. We can go for a hike, head up to the gym, go running, go for a swim, whatever your heart desires. Soon, I'll upload an article of my favorite workouts, so look out for that.

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We can eat healthier. Over a year ago, I cut soda's out of my diet. Not entirely, but I'll only have one about once or twice every other month. It didn't take too much work because I'm not a huge fan of any soda's except for Fanta Orange, but it did take a while to stop. Eating healthy is the biggest part of losing weight. You can work out every day for a few hours, but if you don't eat healthy, you most likely won't see any changes. Start to substitute fruit for candy, or nuts for chips and crackers. I'll do another article on recipes and ideas later on.

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We can change our mindsets. Avoid stepping on the scale every day, instead, realize the positive change in your mood and health. In this age of social media, it is so hard not to compare yourself to other girls. Keep in mind that most instagram models instagrams are staged, they have perfect lighting and posture and many other factors that contribute to them looking "perfect". But it is honestly so fake, so keep that in mind. One great piece of advice is to "talk to yourself like you would a friend." I saw this on a website and it really made me think. What would you say to a friend struggling with body positivity? Say that to yourself.

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We can take initiative now! Download a fitness app my favorite is MyFitnessPal. Get a gym membership near you. Research tons of good recipes. Go to the grocery store and purchase those healthier options and get rid of those doritos and kit kat bars sitting in your pantry.

We can do this together! It'll be hard sometimes, easy during others, but we will have each other. Make friends, encourage each other, life each other up. WHI is a great place for all of us strong individuals to come together.

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