Do you fear failure ? Wait , do you think it is easy to fail ?
1+1 is 2 , but what if it wasnt correct ?
2 is defined like a sum of 2 identical objects , and guess what ? I got two little balls for you , to proof you that not everything you may believe in is true
Okey now let's consider one of them as 1 ... the other one i'm holding , compared to it , does not have the same colors , does not have the same shape , and maybe is not done with the same substances .. do you still think we can consider them identical ? Well , the answer is NO , and that's exactly why their sum is never equal to 2 .
According to an article by Nature reviews Neuroscience published in April 2012 , titled the economy of brain network organization , the brain follows an economical strategy while functioning, so basically our brain is lazy , but is "lazy" the correct word to use ? To be honest I would rather use smart , because difficult doesn't always mean impossible , easy reasoning might get you out of the most ambiguous situations , so we must never underestimate the power of easiness .

to prove something unordinary , you go through complicated steps right ? You have to face the common fact that it's correct , in other's perspective , and then you get down to failing several times ... but it's still logical , and it still exists .... and being abnormal isn't always failure , it means that you chose to be unique , and it means that you should work a little more , to concretize this impossible .
Since my early childhood , my mum had never stopped reminding me that i should be the first of my class , that i should be their best fruit , that i should be imperfectly perfect ... unfortunately , she never taught me how to face failure ...
Failure. A scary word isnt it? Not only do you waste time, but you get to face the shocking fact that you aren't actually as good as you thought you were in a certain field . But hey , we're not here to talk about failure , i mean sure , failure is a part of the whole process , it's what makes us learn from our mistakes , it's what makes the mistakes in the first place , and i dare you all to name one person through history that succeeded in something without having to face that one loathesome block ... * you can stop thinking you wont find anyone * because failure is feared by many , if not all , but not those who are set for success , to those , failure is nothing but time , not well spent , but it's a time best faced early than later , it's nothing but a learning experience , nothing but a way to face your blocks while theyre still weak and simple . Nothing but the most hated , forgotten and unworthy to be noted part of success .
Here is a reminder , there is no correct way to succeed , because what works for someone doesnt really have to work for you , You cant get the same results by projecting someone's experiences or views on your path to success ... but in fact , i'd like to recommend you somethings may lead you to your own road to success ...
SECOND fix yourself , allow yourself to dream , allow yourself to be happy , allow the future you're dreaming of to become real ! Be yourself and know what the real you wants to be ! Admit the fact that you deserve all the love in the world , that you deserve every single good thing ! Just be the best version of yourself and i promise the rest will come , its just a matter of time .
THIRD make your health a priority : eat well , do sport , and don't forget about your mental health , meditate , do yoga , and most important , keep a positive lifestyle .
FORTH you have to set your goals , and never be ashamed to DREAM BIG ! “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” As said by Rob Siltane .. you should keep your self esteem higher than everything , it always begins as a thought , but you can never know wether it will be concretized or not , until you give all you have to chase after it , it's like "swim or sink" .
FIVETH choose a goal you can control , strive for what you can creat ! Then plan a strategy that may get you closer to that goal , work and work , until you feel satisfied , suffer as much as you can , cause after realizing it , believe me all this hard work will vanish away to turn into the best memories of your life , the proof that you deserve where you are , that it was the price for your brilliant future , because for every dark night there is always a brighter day .
S for See your goal
U for understand there is always obstacles
C for Create a positive mental picture
C for clear your mind of self doubt
E for Embrace the challenge
S for stay on track
And finally , the other S is for show the world you can do it ...