Hi everybody! Today i will be sharing my daily makeup routine for school! i will be mostly sharing drugstore makeup because i can't afford high end makeup :-( anyways.... i will show you step by step so you can get inspired.

  • Primer
eos, mac, and baby lips image
The primer i mainly use is baby skin instant pore eraser from Maybelline. This primer is good if you have acne & does a really good job hiding your pores.
  • Foundation
Foundation and makeup image
My current favorite foundation is by Wet n wild photo focus foundation!
  • Concealer
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i use the L'oreal true match concealer and conceal my imperfections! i do set and bake but i don't for school, i personally think it's too much makeup but hey! if you like it go for it!
  • Eyebrows
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i use the L.A Girl brow kit. After i'm done filling them in I put on brow gel from Maybelline the Brow drama. The last step i do with my brows is carve them out with my concealer. Make sure to use a concealer that matches your skin!
  • Powder
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I then set my face with the Fit me! powder. This is currently my favorite powder!
  • Define your face
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My current favorite bronzer is the butter bronzer from Physicans Formula. i love this bronzer because it smells like coconut and summer! I contour my cheekbones, jawline, forehead, and nose.
  • Blush
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Apply some blush on your cheeks to make your face look fresh and ready for a school day.
  • The Glow
beauty, makeup, and wet n wild image contour, highlighter, and wing image
The drugstore really bump up with their highlighters and I love so many! But my #1 highlighter has to be the Megaglo Highlighter powder from Wet n Wild. Apply this on your cheeks and the bridge of your nose and you will be intergalactic highlighted! 👽
  • Eyeliner
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Eyeliner is so hard and it's takes time to make it perfect. this step is optional
  • Lashes
loreal and voluminous lash paradise image makeup, mascara, and beauty image
My current favorite drugstore mascara is the Lash Paradise from L'oreal. This Mascara is a dupe for Better than sex. I don't wear false lashes to school so I would recommend to skip this part because it would take time to applied in the morning.
  • Lips
beauty, lipstick, and makeup image lipstick, mac, and makeup image
i am a big fan of nude lipsticks 😍 i like a lot of drugstore lipsticks so I don't have a #1brand.
  • Setting spray
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My favorite drugstore setting spray is by Milani make it last. This will make your highlight more poppin.✨💫

Thanks for reading loves XOXO ♡

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