My favorite season!
The days get longer, the birds chirping, the first flowers, the smell again, the pollen ..
Nature awakens after a long and cold winter.
But this year the spring will wait a little longer because "crazy march" brought the snow on the first day of spring.
The silence of the snow falling from the sky. It transmits peace, calm, serenity. For a moment it makes you forget all the negative things.
Silence. The silence of the night as when everything goes off to go to sleep and you only hear the continuous "tic-tic-tic" of the clock that punctuates time to infinity.
The infinite. Such a romantic thing. But, in reality, it's not really like that...
In mathematics a constant divided infinity gives 0!
That then the zero is not a bad number ...
Alone it is not worth anything and is good when you go shopping and on the tag there is written "0 $" because it's free!
In life we must always see the positive side, even when things are not always good.
In the last period in my life things are not going just as I wanted
I had many projects. I had planned my life moment by moment.
Then, the drama: the castle of cards fell!
Maybe it's better to take life as it comes without programs, plans and strategies.
Right now I find myself at a crossroads and I do not know what to do. Fight or raise the white flag and surrender?