Hey Hearters !

I look at other people's lives and and look down at mine and all I see is disparity
Countunisely shattered minds, true lies and ruled with fake people
But, a little thing you didn’t know about me is that I’m bulletproof
I’m average height, slim and have great passion
A Lot of people don’t know that I have a real heart of gold
I forgive easily let go gradually but I’m nowhere near the finishing line
I’ve run in people’s shoes but no one chooses to really care
I used to hold to people so firm and never let go
I was so delicate but yet so fragile like a glass wine
Innocent but society made me someone else I never chose to be
I guess I’m loud minded don’t you think so,
I’m done my with the racked games. Although, aren't you ?
All my life I been running from problems either then facing them
I guess the truth unveils itself I way that’s unexplainable
At least for me in this case ...

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"Shoutout to all the girls out there trying to love themselves in a world that's constantly telling them not to"

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- Iman Akram