this is a challenge by @dontbuymeflowers_ where for 14 days i will write letters to different people.

Write a letter to...your crush ( or romantic partner)

Dear crush,

I never saw me like more than a friends. You had only eyes for your Ex-girlfriend, even when she cheated on you. Every one realized that I had a crush on you but not you.
I know it's two years since we saw last, but I can't taking you out of my head. Everytime I think I succeded in forgetting you, you always back in my mind.

I hate you for make me feel like this and I hate me even more for letting you make feel like this.
You never knew how I felt about you and you will never knew. But if it weren't for you and for this feeling I wouldn't never wrote my first song.
I hope you're happy with your new girlfriend if you have one. But I can't not thinking about what would it be if you felt the way I felt. But it would be only thoughts and dreams.

Take care of you,
The girl who had a crush on you