° Scrambled or Fried?

breakfast, food, and toast image Temporarily removed

° Dark or White Chocolate?

Image by Mika Temporarily removed
Dark Chocolate

° Tattoos or Piercings?

tattoo, moon, and arm image tattoo, planet, and grunge image

° Antique or Brand New?

adore, fashion, and girl image new balance and shoes image
Brand New

° Dress Up or Dress Down

fashion, style, and chic image Temporarily removed
Dress Down

° Cowboys or Aliens
I don't understand the comparison but sure...

Image by Katelyn Pugh Image by Suzie Rae
I love me some hot cowboys :)

° Cats or Dogs

dog, puppy, and animal image animal, dog, and puppy image
Dogs, forever and always

° Pancakes or Waffles

disney, food, and gif image Image removed

° Bond or Bourne (omg...that's Jason Bourne)

Image removed Image removed
The name is Bond...James Bond

° Sci-Fi or Fantasy

fantasy, crown, and black image Image removed

° Numbers or Letters

happy, donuts, and bee image letters and circles image
Letters. Death to numbers I hate them

° Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

book, harry potter, and light image Image by ↠ ✧ Elisha ✧ ↞
Harry Potter

° Fair or Theme Park

evening, fair, and fairground image Image removed
Fair (I find it more aesthetic, but honestly I like both)

° Money or Fame

famous, quotes, and dress image Image removed

° Washing Dishes or Doing Laundry

clothes, vintage, and laundry image Image removed
Doing Laundry

° Snakes or Sharks


° Orange Juice or Apple Juice

orange, juice, and fruit image soft, yellow, and aesthetic image
Orange Juice

° Sunrise or Sunset

alternative, random, and sky image quotes, beautiful, and sunrise image

° Slacker or Overachiever

Image removed girl, Lazy, and goals image

° Pen or Pencil

art, drawing, and black and white image brown, pen, and write image

° Penut Butter or Jelly

anime, anime food, and love image

° Grammy's or Oscar's

gif and timothee chalamet image Academy Awards, actress, and beautiful image
Academy Awards

° Detail or Abstract?

details, finger, and girl image beautiful, detail, and elegant image

° Multiple Choice or Essay Questions

Temporarily removed life, questions, and the notebook image

° Adventurous or Catious?

zoella, zoe sugg, and mark ferris image cat, cute, and animal image

° Saver or Spender

brand, inspiration, and shopping image fashion, style, and chanel image

° Glasses or Contact

girl, glasses, and beauty image Image by alita

° Laptop or Desktop

bed, pink, and home image study and school image

° Classic or Modern

aesthetic, vintage, and retro image movie, bed, and room image

° Personal Chef or Personal Trainer

Inspiring Image on We Heart It food, healthy, and avocado image
Personal Chef

° Internet or Cell Phone

Image removed internet, quotes, and american pie image

° Call or Text

funny, hilarious, and text image hilarious, text, and funny image

° Curly or Straight Hair

hair, blonde, and hairstyle image girl, art, and hair image

° Shower in the morning or in the evening

Image by ➶ Temporarily removed
Shower in the morning

° Spicy or Mild

fire, Hot, and sauce image life, sauce, and tacos image

° Marvel or DC

tom holland and rp themes image captain america, chris evans, and Marvel image

° Paying A Mortgage Or Paying Rent

Paying Rent

° Skydive or Bongee Jump

sky, fly, and skydiving image amazing, experience, and fly image

° Oreos or Chips Ahoy

Temporarily removed cake, food, and yummy image

° Jello or Pudding

dessert, pistachio, and panna cotta image dessert, creme brulee, and egg image