hi everyone!

so there's the article I got the idea from

hope you like mine

A - age: 16
B - best movie: american beauty & call me by your name
C - current time: 6:09 PM
D - drink you last had: water
E - everyday starts with: peeing lol (literally the minute I woke up I need to go to the bathroom and pee to start the day)
F - favorite song: beautiful by Bazzi and idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie eilish
G - grossest memory: ufff I have a lot, I think a really bad one was when I found out about my best friend ed
H - height: 5'7 (1,73 mts)
I - in love with: art and cats<3
J - jealous of: people who can love themselves
K - killed someone: nah
L - last time you cried : yesterday :p
M - middle name: I don't have one
N - number of siblings: just 1
O - one wish: to travel A LOT
P - person you last texted/called: my cousin
Q - question you always asked: can I please get a waffle? (in case you don't know im joking it's a vine)
R - reason to be happy: animals, movies, music, a lot of beautiful things
S - song you last sang: daddy issues by the neighbourhood
T - time you woke up: 8:47 AM
U - underwear color: grey
V - vacation place: idk I want to go to a lot of places
X - x-rays you've had: once on my big toe lol
Y - your favorite food: pizza
Z - zodiac sign: cancer

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