HI girls! Today I'm going to tell you what do I have in the bag I use for University.
First of all, I use a BIG bag, because I'm a huge fan of big bags and I prefer using them rather than backpacks.

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To organize the subjects, I separate them in different thin folders, to me it's better than a big folder for all the subjects together, because I can only take the ones I'm going to use that day (If I need any book, I take it too).

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I also carry a checkered notebook because what I'm studying require it to draw on them.

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I have a small Bimba y Lola pencil case with the essential, pens and pencils and a marker just in case.

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I carry too a small cosmetic bag in which I put a small cologne spray, rimmel, a small eye shadow palette, Vaseline and a comb.

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I also have a calculator and rulers, a small water bottle , where I use to have tea or just water (I don't like the flavor plastic bottles have), the agenda, a small purse with coins to buy things in my college University.

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Sometimes I go with my iPad, it's necessary to follow some subjects as well as the MacBook. With them I carry my phone charger.

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To travel on public transport I carry an MP3 and my headphones.
And lastly, my phone.

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That`s all guys, thank you and hope you like it!