Me and you were like this storm of emotions
Laughing together, then crying
Kissing each other, then fighting
Loving each other, then hating
Weโ€™ve had that crazy love, that loud love
That made us scream until that burning feeling in our lungs
Weโ€™ve got each others back no matter what
Growing together never apart
Screaming of joy, filling the space with happiness

And then it went silent
Like when youโ€™re deep in water
And could hear nothing but your heart going numb
Like the rain washes all away
Like waking up from a long sleep
Youโ€™re waking up, but still feel tired
You hear him, but he sounds different
You touch him, but your hands are cold
You see his face close but you feel distant
Becoming strangers you stand there questioning
Leaving him screaming with his burning lungs and his eyes in tears
You never felt so cold but so good
Leaving behind all the madness and fears