Hi everybody! How are you all doing?

You’ll probably don’t know but I’ve been away for one and a half week. I came back on Tuesday though and I originally intended this article to go up on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I had my testweek during the period I left WHI so when I was done I was completely drained and very tired, as you can imagine. Now I only have my final exams to worry about and those are in May, so I’ll be able to spend a little more time here :) We’re also planning to do something with #WTR soon but that’s a secret shhhhh.

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13 facts about me, here we go!

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ONE: When I turned 18, I was actually more excited that I finally would be able to vote rather than being able to drink alcohol (18 is the legal drinking age in the Netherlands). I just don’t like the idea of alcohol at all…when I was around 13/14 some instructors came to our school and taught us what the consequences of drinking too much were and that shook me to my core, I think that that’s where my “anti-drinking thing” came from. I’m also really into politics, so there’s that lol. UPDATE: I got to vote for a referendum + the municipal election on Wednesday!

TWO: My favorite Instagrammer is @andicsinger, it’s absolutely ridiculous how much of my account is from her IG without me even knowing.

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THREE: I’m very introverted but I live for discussions and debate (AND calling out people’s bs).

FOUR: I’m kind of a walking paradox because I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m highly afraid of falling in love with people.

FIVE: I’ve always been very realistic with, well, everything. But somehow, my biggest dream ever since I was a little kid has been to save the world, and I still aspire to do that. We’ll see.

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SIX: I’ve been getting into art a LOT lately, I think that’s heavily due to my two sources of inspiration (WHI and Tumblr), but this 3D stuff is the type of art I live for. I’m trying to make stuff like this as well but it’s really difficult and it doesn’t always look aesthetically pleasing once it dries.

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SEVEN: George Ezra’s masterpiece called Staying At Tamara’s dropped today so it’s the perfect occasion to tell you that you should listen to that fucking album as it’s golden. I’ve been listening to a lot to George Ezra in the past few weeks and I’ve been missing out.

EIGHT: My best piece of advice that I can give you is that you should always do things because you genuinely want to do them. Don’t ever force yourself, it won’t do you good in the end.

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NINE: I love learning but I hate doing it under pressure and for a grade. Just lemme learn and absorb all knowledge that I find interesting at my own pace, thank you very much.

TEN: I love love love google maps, I use the street view thing a lot. First of all, it’s fucking hilarious ‘cause most of the pictures in street view are incredibly distorted which causes pictures to have floating arms with no body attached or shadows with no actual people there (you can usually walk around in the streets but there are also blue circles, those are panoramas; I use those a lot). Secondly, the pictures you can roam around in are often amazing and it almost feels like you’re actually there, it’s kinda the next best thing to actually traveling there. I’ve included a game at the bottom for you, I definitely recommend you check it out if you love traveling and/or Google Maps like me.

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ELEVEN: I get startled really easily. No joke, everyone could just be working on their own in class and the teacher would be doing whatever, but I would be startled if the teacher got a notification from their email.

TWELVE: I started doing ab workouts, planks, push-ups and that stuff a few years ago literally because I knew people wouldn’t expect me being able to do those things. I’ve been dancing since I was six so I’ve never been exactly "the sporty type" except for dancing, but now I can do some basic stuff that comes in real handy when your PE teacher asks you to do them when there are people watching.

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THIRTEEN: I’m kinda out of ideas but I guess this is the perfect time to tell you that my inbox is always open! If you have a question or just wanna talk to me, don’t be afraid because I do try to answer every message I get :)

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That is all! I’m very sorry but I won’t be tagging people as I have literally no idea who has already done this tag (due to the fact that I’ve been off the WHI-grid for almost two weeks) and I don’t want to double tag, so there’s your reason. Yes, I know my sentences are too long. At all times.

For future articles, I think I’m going to end my articles with more…. stuff, whether it’d be Tumblr posts, advice, thoughts in my mind, music for you to listen to etc. I’m all for sharing things that interest me with the lovely people who read my articles and sometimes things just aren’t fit to be articles by itself. Hopefully you’ll like it :)

A fun game for you if you’re into Google Maps/love discovering new places like me: https://sociallyacceptablemadness.tumblr.com/post/171985046765/derekstile-swindontownswoodilypooper#notes It’s the Tumblr post that explains the full game, it’s not actually on the site itself. (WARNING: do not play this game if you have actual stuff to do, it can take hours upon hours (I was dropped somewhere in the mountains of Indonesia and after 4 hours I was still in Indonesia))

The music video for Imagine Dragons’ Next To Me is amazing and truly heartwarming (or breaking), it’s one the best music videos I’ve seen in a while. You can watch/listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txlk7PiHaGk

And lastly:

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- Sabine (@the_night_skies)

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