I'm young, really young, I'm just a teen. I have my whole life ahead of me. I know that perfectly. But my brain has been telling that my life is pretty much over.

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Not as "I'm gonna die right now". It's more like I can see what I will be doing in the future. Not as in psychic powers or something like that, but I can feel what I will be doing.

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Feel , I can just feel it. I have no idea what I will be doing in the future, but I can feel what I will be doing. I don't know what I'm gonna do after I graduate, I don't know where I'm going work, live, if I'm gonna have a family or not or I will be single for the rest of my life with lots of cats (which doesn't sound bad at all). But I just feel it. I can touch it, I can hear it, but I can see it. It's a bizarre thing .

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I'm not afraid to grow up, but I'm scared what the future holds for me.

Thanks for reading I really need it to take this off my chest. If you also feel this weird feeling, then you are not alone.

music that I listened to while writing this: Lorde - Pure Heroine