Unlike many people, I really like to study. I know that sounds nerdy, but since childhood I'm in love with planners, stationery and school supplies, writing, and learning new things.
I remember, in elementary school I was so happy to go back to school after holiday and to go shopping school supplies and books. Then, in high school I've became a little bit lazy, I still loved school but I studied just subjects that I liked. But, on college, I learned how to study even subjects that aren't my favorite ones and I fell in love with whole studying process. Now I graduated and I kinda miss studying, so I wanted to share my studying process with you. I hope it helps someone.

1. Creating schedule

At the beginning of every week I create a schedule where I write down my responsibilites for that week - projects that I have to finish, exams that I have to study for and other things that I have to do.

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2. Defining priorities

After I create my studying schedule, I classify subjects and projects by priorities - first place are ones that need more time or the ones which deadline is approaching.

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3. Organizing studying space

Before sitting down to study I clean up my room and set up my studying space, because I feel that if you have a mess around you, you will have a mess inside your head too.

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4. Studying with understanding

I don't know how to study things by rote. When I'm studying I have to understand everything that I'm reading. This means that if I see something that I don't understand I research what that is. That way even if I forget something tomorrow, I remember the little research that I've made the day before, and then I remember everything. It's like I create this puzzle in my brain and I connect it's pieces when I need it. So, my advice is - make sure that you understand everything that you are studying and you won't need to force yourself to remember things (that's what learning by rote is for me - forcing your brain).

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5. Making script

When I finish memorizing things, I write them down as shortened as I can to create a script - and I call it 'my personal classbook' and 'my placebo'. Why? Because before exam when I look at it I see a big lecture that fit on only three paper sheets and I think to myself that it's too easy and I'm gonna pass the exam. Also, I make the script colorful so certain important things can catch my eye.

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6. Friendly Interrogation

Give the 'placebo classbook' you've made to someone you trust (someone who is honest with you) - grandparent, parent, friend, sibling, boyfriend/ girlfriend, and pretend that they are your teacher and let them 'interrogate' you. If you pass their exam, you'll pass the real one too.

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7. Relaxing

Yes, this is also a part of studying process. Brain has to relax in order to remember. Long bath, going out, playing board games - whatever takes your mind off the exam.

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8. Getting enough sleep

This is clear - you don't get anything if you're sleep deprived. That's also the reason why I always write the schedule at the beginning of the week; by managing my time, I manage to get enough sleep also.

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9. Exam day / Project presentation day

Go get it!
Get up, dress up and show up.

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10. Writing expectations

When I finish all exams, I write down my goals and expectations and if I don't fulfill them I learn where I made mistakes and I try again.

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As you can see - studying can be beautiful too. Just don't stress it and have fun!


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