Hey! So, this is my first We Heart It article! I’m going to hopefully be posting more articles because I find them really neat and interesting to read!
I thought that I’d first start off with some facts about me for my first article! So, enjoy! ♡

Name: Sydney (or Syd)
Age: 16.5 years (Yes, I add the half. 😅)
Birthday: July 5th
Nationality: American
Job/Occupation: Student
Celebrity Crush: Dylan O’Brien
Relationship Status: Single (Currently crushing, however! 💓)
Favorite Color(s): Baby blue and teal
Favorite TV Show(s): Arrow and Avatar: The Last Airbender
Favorite Book Series: Pulse by Patrick Carman or Matched by Ally Condie 📚
Favorite Band(s): The Dear Hunter and Leprous
Favorite Artist(s): Maggie Lindemann & Vance Joy
Favorite Song(s): “A Beginning”, “At the End of the Earth”, and "Is There Anybody Here?" by The Dear Hunter and “Couple of Kids” by Maggie Lindemann! 😍
Spoken Language(s): English (I'm currently in my third year of Spanish at school, though! 🇪🇸)
Grade/Year: Grade 11 (Year 12)
Favorite Animal(s): Dog(s)
Favorite Season(s): Spring and summer, but mainly spring! 💐
Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas and the 4th of July! 🎄🇺🇸
Favorite Flower: Petunias 🌸

That’s all! If you’d like to follow my main Instagram, my user is "@suqarcoater"! 💗